Fuel card

Upon receipt of your vehicle you will get two fuel cards. With these fuel cards, you will be able to buy fuel and consumable articles at every gasoline station that’s part of the Shell- or the UTA-network. Instructions for paying by fuel card:


  • … show your fuel card at the checkpoint
  • … mention the current mileage of your vehicle
  • … insert the PIN-code of your fuel card


There are several service-orders in your glove box, with which you will be able to pay for services at every German garage. If your service-orders are exhausted, you will get new ones right here. Please fill in the vehicle data of your vehicle, sign this document and hand the document together with your vehicle to the garage personnel.

Body repair-order

The body repair order serves as booking receipt RWE. You will get it after executed damage report to:

AXA 24-hour hotlineT+49 800 328-0340
F+49 211 945-4462614
E-mail to AXA 24-hour hotline

An e-mail with the body repair-order will be sent to you promptly.

Further information of service: